Hair/Nail Treatments


Your beauty is the number 1 priority at the Lisa Marie Salon.

This salon and spa is like no other so get ready to pamper yourself with the most luxurious pedicures, relaxed with a hot stone massage at the hands of our professional massage therapists and simply spoil yourself.
Along with our spa and massages, one of our main specialties are the hair and nail treatments.

Read more to learn more about what we have on offer and rejuvenate yourself with our exceptional spa packages:

Hair Treatment

All our Lisa Marie Salons provide everything that you require, from elegant and stylish haircuts, to colour, texture and waxing services.

We are your own stop shop to look the way you want to look at a price you will love.

Pick and choose from our full-service menu that always includes free of charge consultation, shampoo and a conditioning rinse.

Cut & Style

  1. Shampoo and Cut for adults and children
  2. Shampoo and a Blowdry
  3. Shampoo, a Cut and a Blowdry
  4. Shampoo and Blowdry Straightening
  5. Shampoo and a basic set
  6. Shampoo and a designer stylish set
  7. Big occasion quick do’s and designs
  8. Beard, Bang and Neckline Trim for men
  9. An Iron Finish
  10. An Iron set

Ask one of our professional hair stylists about any extra service that you might require. A small extra charge will apply for long hair.


  1. Hairdye job
  2. Botox hair treatment
  3. Single application colour treatment
  4. Partial or full head highlights
  5. Double Dimension partial or full highlights
  6. Extra colour
  7. Corrective Colour


Straightening Hair Treatment

  1. Applying relax or straighteners either as a full, partial or retouch treatment
  2. Exclusive Keratin + treatment
  3. Permanent Wave
  4. Stylish perm wrap

We are here to answer any questions you might have about our services and products.

Feel free to contact us for more information, a personalized consultation or visit one of our Lisa Marie Salons to speak to one of our professional stylists.

Nail Treatment

We offer one of the most exceptional manicure experiences in the country so whether you are after a classic, gel or acrylic, our knowledgeable and dedicated nail technicians will have nails looking great.

Simple Manicure

This manicure might be called simple but it entails pampering at its very best. This entails an intensive hand exfoliating treatment to get rid of dead skin cells and a mask to hydrate your skin. Your nail cuticles will also be taken cared for followed by arm and hand massage.

Gel Manicure

This is the latest solution for people who are too busy to give their hands and nails the necessary treatment they deserve. This manicure aims to last longer without suffering any unnecessary fading or chipping. You can pick from over 600 colours of the best nail polishes in the world.

We will supply with all the necessary treatment including a full arm and hand massage, intensive, hand exfoliating treatments followed by a gel polish of your choice.

Super Special Manicure

This is the granddaddy of all nail treatments. Using an anti-aging cream for your hand, the treatment kicks off with a soft scrub to prepare your hands for a paraffin treatment which will be followed by a massage with hot stones and topped up with a moisturizing cream.

Want to make your salon treatment extra special? Check out our long list of spa treatments and haircuts to truly pamper yourself.
You can schedule your appointment by calling the Lisa Marie Salon or emailing us via the Contact page.

We run discounts and promotions on a regular basis so you can expect to get the very best treatment for less.